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Challenge Expedition


“So much to see, so little time” Exploring Rarotonga has never been more fun, more educational, more competitive, more challenging, and more beneficial to the planet than right here, right now. Go Electric, No Gas, No Emissions, No Noise, No Sweat.


Your challenges, Your way.


The aim is to accumulate as many points as possible in the allotted timeframe by completing challenges around the island. However, you choose which categories, and which challenges you wish to attempt. It’s all about planning and preparation prior to departing our base. 


You will need to solve mysteries and crack clues in this immersive adventure game. Challenges could see you swimming in our lagoons or climbing a mountain track. You must navigate to self-guided stops unravelling secrets, putting together pieces of the puzzles and learning every step of the way about our little paradise, our people and our culture. 


As you accomplish challenges you accumulate points in pursuit of the monthly grand prize for the top three individual’s and or teams. Everyone has an equal opportunity to score points.  Even when you return home you can follow our monthly online Challenge Leader Board to see how you are faring against your competitors. How exciting is that!


Individual or Teams? It’s your choice. 


This expedition is great for team building or individuals looking for some friendly competition. Our bikes are single seater ONLY so even if you choose to play as a team everyone must have their own electric motorcycle. 


Conservation & Credibility 


  • We in conjunction with Ariki Adventures, (our sister company) are the only tour operator who are focused on becoming fully eco-friendly by the end of 2023. 

  • We have partnered with Ariki Adventures, the Air New Zealand Eco-Tourism Awards Winners  & the Air New Zealand Outstanding Kia Orana Spirit Awards Winner 2020. Our experience in providing safe eco-adventure tours is proven and focuses on sustainable tourism for our future generations. 




If you have never ridden an electric motorbike before you are about to embark on a journey with us to reduce emissions and greenhouse gases into our planet. The bikes are simply amazing, and you could easily just ride them around the island for a day. 


The challenge highlights are simply amazing and far too many to explain. We don’t want to give away too much suffice to say we think we have everyone covered in terms of achievable challenges. 


What To Expect
Pre-eco-adventure planning considerations:


  • We recommend wearing comfortable running or similar shoes and appropriate clothing for riding a motorbike in tropical conditions. 

  • If you have NOT ridden a scooter/motorbike within the last two years you need to get some practice in before you come on one of our expeditions. The bikes are a different feel to a petrol-powered motorbike and of course they are much more expensive. We will be testing you before the expedition. 

  • We recommend you orientate yourself with the island before you come on tour. It will make your planning a lot easier if you already know a few landmarks


On the Day:


0815hrs:          Your meeting location is our base located in the village of Arorangi on the west side of the island. It is the home of “Explore Raro”, “Ariki Adventures” and the “Flying Turtle Café”


Once everyone has checked in you’ll receive a comprehensive safety and activity briefing before you are allocated an electric bike and fitted with helmet and additional gear as required. You will sit a riding test to ensure we are comfortable with your riding skill level and once you have passed the test you will be issued with everything necessary to complete the challenges. You be issued a FREE Explore Raro Tee Shirt as your uniform for the day and a lanyard which are yours to keep. You’ll also pre-order your lunch for the day. Once everyone is happy and there are no more relevant questions it’s time to kick into gear. 


0900hrs is “XPed-Hour” The clock starts, and you will be issued your challenges. It’s your time to review and consider your activities for the day. Crew Tip: “Planning and preparation here could save you a lot of time and effort later”. 

You are of course free to depart on your “trusty steed” as soon as you are issued the challenges. 


The day is yours. Explore our paradise and stay safe until you return before the appointed time. 


1230hrs:          You are required back at Base at this time. Our crew will check you in and record your challenge answers into our system. 

Lunch is an added extra at the Flying Turtle Cafe. 


You are more than welcome to bring your own adventure cameras or hire one of our own rental GoPro’s for $60 per tour.   



Important Information


Departure Point:   The Flying Turtle Cafe, main road Arorangi is our home base for Explore Raro & Ariki Adventures. 

Duration:              Allow 4 hours for the Half-Day challenge.

Return Point:        Same as departure point. 

Challenges are Mon - Fri mornings only at this stage: Afternoons & weekends by appointment only.  


Cancellations or Postponement on the day: The challenge will operate rain, hail or shine but we reserve the right to withdraw categories of challenges if we determine it is unsafe to attempt them. We also reserve the right to cancel or postpone your challenge for safety reasons. If we cancel your challenge, we will do our best to reschedule your challenge in the first instance or we will refund if nothing is suitable.  


  • Electric Bike & Helmet

  • Device with data

  • Explore Raro Tee Shirt

  • Safety gear, as determine by the crew due to conditions.

  • Challenge gear including mask & snorkel etc if required for various challenges.   




  • Travel to/from Departure Point. Ariki Adventures Tour Booking Office & Flying Turtle Cafe, main road Arorangi.


Additional Information

  • Guests who choose swimming activities must be able to swim comfortably.

  • Not recommended for pregnant guests.

  • Minimum age is 20.

  • Must have a current International or Cook Islands Motorcycle License.  

  • Availability: This tour is for individual’s or small groups of no more than 10 people. We will do our best to book you on your preferred date and time but due to other bookings this may not be available. If your preferred time is not available we will contact you to offer an alternative date and time.  

  • People with medical conditions should declare them to us at the time of booking so we can consider their situation. It won't necessarily preclude them but we may have to insist on safety measures. 

  • Guests with disabilities. We have experience in taking out guests with disabilities. Please ask so we can consider the situation and if we can make it happen safely then we will. Please ask. 


Cancellation Policy


  • Cancel at least 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund.

  • Cancellations within 24hours are not subject to refund unless COVID 19 related or a serious medical condition. Being hungover is not considered a serious medical condition.   

Price: $149pp

Group discounts apply. 4 or more people.

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