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The ultimate eco-adventure challenge

Things to do Rarotonga

Why choose us?

Things to do Rarotonga
Things to do Rarotonga

Self Guided Tours

Things to do Rarotonga

Explore at your own pace

Reduce emissions & help us save our planet.


How to plan your challenge


The ultimate goal is yours to determine. 

You choose from two challenge expeditions. One full on competition and the other a more relaxed discovery expedition. Which ever one you choose to do,  YOU choose the challenges that YOU want to achieve. You control your activity for this day of fun! Crew Hint: Decide which challenges you will attempt and research before leaving the Flying Turtle Cafe.


Plan Your Day

Ask Mr/Mrs Google. Get a feel for the orientation of Rarotonga. If your challenges can follow a logical flow you will achieve more and accumulate points faster. Don't be in too much of a hurry though, enjoy the ride as well!


Hit the Road

Not literally.. Get use to the feel of our E-Bikes slowly. Stay in your lane on the road and watch out for loose gravel and pot holes, especially if on our 4WD tracks inland. Think "Safety First!" at all times. 

Things to do Rarotonga

The Morning Briefing

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Perfect for the Cook Islands.

We are the UBCO dealers in the Cook Islands

What People Say About Us 

Things to do Rarotonga

What an amazing experience. Thanks guys for sharing it with us! 

Ake Gempton

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